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Bilderlings is an authorised Electronic Money Institution offering a range of solutions for businesses and individuals looking for a flexible current account and access to fast cross-border payments.

Doug Laming, Head of Safeguarding at Bilderlings, discusses how transitioning from a manual environment to implementing Grath’s risk and compliance management platform provided real-time visibility into Bilderling’s control framework.

We wanted to undertake an obligation mapping exercise in order to gain assurance that we are in compliance with rules and guidance issued by the relevant regulators that impact our business. We saw this as an opportunity to transition away from our Excel-based risk and control framework to something that be more easily interrogated giving our team greater visibility into risks that could impact our business.


Using Grath’s one-click reporting Bilderlings senior management team have access to the data they need to make informed decisions ensuring they don’t have to sift through information to see what they are interested in. Grath’s intuitive mapping interface allowed Bilderlings to quickly build complete and effective risk and control framework, mapping obligations against it’s operating model whilst simultaneously promoting full accountability of controls using simple to use owner attestations.

As we reached out to different software providers, our team really loved how Grath presented their approach to the implementation process, they made it very clear implementation would be done quickly ensuring we could start to realise value early. From previous experience we were conscious that we did not want to don’t want to waste time with a prolonged implementation.


With a global footprint it was critical that we adopted a digital solution which would enable us to embed and scale our oversight activities quickly, with focus on managing horizon risk across rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Transitioning from an environment where our obligation map, risk register and control library was maintained in spreadsheets, implementing Grath’s risk and compliance management platform allowed our teams to collaborate across our international offices efficiently.


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