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Bode insurance Solutions part of the Leaders Romans Group (LRG) is a specialist independent insurance provider, offering simple and effective insurance policies for landlords and tenants. Leaders Romans Group (LRG) started out in residential house sales and lettings more than 30 years ago. Since then, they have grown to become one of the largest property services groups in the UK.

It’s been an exciting journey that has seen us build a strong range of expertise along the way across a diverse list of property services, from planning and market intelligence to financial services and corporate property management.


Under its service offering Bode Insurance Solutions holds insurance monies as a broker which require protection as client money under CASS 5. In 2020 Bode identified an opportunity to scale and streamline its regulatory oversight when hybrid working required a technology solution to support communication and collaboration across operational, compliance and finance activities. Co -ordinated task and process management was a critical element of this with the aim of introducing incident reporting, preventative control sign off and detective breach monitoring within its various departments.

Our aim is to increase efficiency in the way we approach risk management , promote transparency of process and improve its agility around mandatory audit engagements.

Grath worked closely with Bode to implement its risk and compliance solution across the existing governance and operational model. Following an established delivery timetable, Grath ingested the existing risk and control framework of Bode, replacing the existing excel based solution. Once the full control framework had been loaded into the platform, Grath allocated controls and processes to risk owners and formalised this with the creation of attestations.

The benefits of this have become clear as the framework matures and been used to support audit work. Critical business processes were able to be evidenced by digitised workflow and attested by owners allowing for immediate reporting of issues.  During complex and invasive audits, access to the framework has supported the audit cycle. The use of digitised checklists, compelling control owners to attach evidence has added further efficiencies into the audit cycle, reducing queries, evidence gaps and staff time.

The adoption of Grath has brought together multiple teams at different sites, synchronising all activities in a centralised location.

To learn more about how Grath can help you scale your compliance program in the cloud with an integrated risk and control framework that unifies obligation management across your organisation contact our team for a live, personalised demonstration.

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