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Consumer Duty | Part 2 | Products & Services 💷😊 Continuing our Consumer Duty insight series, in part 2, Grath considers how firms can appropriately apply technology to the “four outcomes” and, in particular, how the product and service outcome can benefit from technology solutions.

Consumer Duty | Part 1 | Consumer Understanding 💷😊 In a 5 part series, Grath examines how firms can leverage technology to ensure customers’ financial needs are met and improve their financial wellbeing under the new consumer duty principle, particularly in the context of the four outcomes:

• Consumer understanding
• Products and services
• Price and value
• Consumer support

Continuing Consumer Duty insight series The Outlook for UK Financial Services Firms in 2024 🗓️ A view of the dynamic regulatory landscape facing UK financial services firms in 2024 through Grath's lens, with a look back at insights from 2023.

We dive into key topics such as Consumer Duty, Operational Resilience, and Technology Risk, gaining a valuable perspective on how financial services firms are adapting to evolving regulations and leveraging technology to ensure consumer satisfaction and operational robustness.
Continuing Consumer Duty insight series Automated Reconciliation Software 📝 Question time with Paul Wood:

The final insight in this 6-week series sees Grath's Industry Expert Paul Wood, answering some useful and informative questions, covering improving data quality, streamlining processes and implementing an automated reconciliation solution.
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