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Navigating the FCAs safeguarding consultation: a CASS approach

Webinar Rewind: Navigating the FCA’s Safeguarding Consultation: A CASS Approach?

As the FCA’s safeguarding consultation approaches, we at Grath partnered with fscom to guide you through the essentials to ensure your firm is ready.

Our expert panel included:

🔹Kristian Davies, Head of Customer Success at Grath
🔹Paul Wood, COO at Grath
🔹Heather O Gorman., Associate Director at fscom
🔹David Norton, Senior Manager at fscom

They unpacked the complexities of safeguarding, the Client Assets Sourcebook (CASS), and tackle prescriptive rules and practical challenges.

You can watch the full recording below!

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Discover the future of CASS and Safeguarding reconciliations
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